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“Boss Hogg”

February 5, 2012

So, I was watching a re-run of that show, “The Rockford Files”.  Yes, “The Rockford Files”.  If you haven’t seen it or don’t remember, tune in to the TV Land channel.  It’s one of those shows that comes on at four in the afternoon one day, and midnight on another.  It’s strange how some channels don’t seem to have any regular scheduling for their programs.  Then again, maybe they’re designed for people like me–bored, restless, and with a serious clicker flicker problem.

Anyway, I came across it.  James Garner was working his usual detective magic, when I noticed a guest actor.  He looked vaguely familiar.  Could it be?!  I thought.  No…it can’t be.  He was too skinny, intelligent, and way too articulate.  Sure enough, I read the credits and, it was!!  Sorrell Booke.  Come on, you all know who he is.  Allright Allright, maybe not.  How about “Boss Hogg”, though?  Heard of him?  Sure you have.  He was on that zany sitcom with the “Duke” boys.

I was so impressed that I immediately became disappointed at the same time.  How could I have never known?  This guy Sorrell Booke was a GREAT actor.  I did some research, and let alone what I discovered about this man, just seeing his performance along side of J. Garner, sold me.  Booke was a master of five different languages and actually conducted a symphony!  I couldn’t believe it.  I’ll never see “Boss Hogg” in the same way again…and neither will you.  Oh, and one more thing.  He actually wore a fat suit on the “Dukes”.

Look, I’ll give everyone their due.  Some people are just better to look at on-screen than others.  But the next time you see George Clooney or Brad Pitt walk on stage to get a statue, you might ask yourself—“How many languages do they speak?”  And how do their roles vary from one film to the next?  Ohhh, I mean no harm.  It just really got me thinking.

Booke died in the nineties.  Too bad, knowing what I know now.  Hats off to you “Boss Booke”.


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